How I Use Erin Condren Life Planner to Plan Workouts

How I Use Erin Condren Life Planner to Plan Workouts

When I had my Erin Condren Life Planner giveaway last month, a reader commented to ask me how I use my planner to fit workouts into my schedule. I thought this was an interesting question because I’d never considered the fact that my method might be different from someone else’s method. I’ve become very protective of my time since I started blogging. I probably spend about 10 hours per week planning, drafting, publishing, and sharing posts. That doesn’t include the time I spend working out and attending events that I share with readers. I’m the first to say that I choose to be busy. I choose to take advantage of the endless opportunities New York has to offer. The best way for me to do that is to effectively manage my time, which is why my Life Planner is so important. There’s something about a written vs. digital planner that helps me keep my mind around what’s going on in a given week.

People have asked me how I find the time to blog and to train for races while also working full-time and having a social life. I don’t find the time. I make each of these things a priority that must somehow fit into my schedule. The open Morning, Day, and Night boxes in the Life Planner format really help me fit all those pieces together. First, I know that Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm, I will always be at work. I use the Day box to record the hours I spend working on various clients or to remind myself of due dates. That leaves the Morning (6am-9am) and Night (6pm-9pm) boxes for events, workouts, errands, etc. Those pieces of the puzzle are constantly changing in all of our lives. I rarely have a typical day. To better explain how I plan for one week (Monday-Sunday), let’s look at these timeframes. Consider this week (August 18-24) as an example.

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Physique 57–Christina Jensen

It’s official. I’ve found the fitness studio with the best post-class customer service–Physique 57. After taking my first class at their Spring Street studio with Christina Jensen last Wednesday, I received a phone call from a P57 team member the next day asking if I had any questions and how I felt after my workout. On Friday, I received a postcard from Christina in the mail that thanked me for my visit. When you’re a fitness blogger, you get top-notch treatment at fitness studios. It makes sense when you’re constantly sharing your experience online. However, this is the kind of customer service that all P57 clients receive. For a brand with multiple studio locations in five cities, I find that admirable. Now, on to Christina’s class.

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Pinterest Picks — Volume 1

My body sidelined me to my bed today with a sinus infection, so I’m trying to make the most of my downtime–by spending some time on Pinterest. It can be fun to click on your pinned images tab and take a look at what kinds of visual inspiration you’re drawn to. I love clean lines, high-contrast color, and black pops on white. Sounds accurate, when you take a look at my blog design.

Are you on Pinterest? Let’s connect!

Pinterest Picks -- Volume 1
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Stripes / S’mores / Cooler / Bikini / Interior / Fitness / Peaches / Positivity

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Lyons Den Power Yoga — Patrick Worrell

While I’ve been taking frequent yoga classes to stay stretched out during training, they’re almost always Vinyasa Flow. One of my (somewhat) secret fitness fears for the last year has been hot yoga. Every time I admitted to a yogi friend that I’d never taken a hot yoga class, they almost didn’t believe me. Even in Vinyasa, I find it difficult to calm myself and to stretch out my runner muscles (especially my hips). I was nervous to attempt doing those things in a hot and humid studio. But I recently decided that it was time that I face my fear. Enter Lyons Den Power Yoga.

Lyons Den Power Yoga -- Patrick WorrellImage via Racked

Lyons Den, Manhattan’s only yoga studio dedicated to teaching Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga in the Baptiste Method, was founded last fall by Bethany Lyons. Bethany is a Master Instructor at SoulCycle and has been featured as an expert on yoga and fitness around the world. She explains, “Our vision is simple: empower others to lead their lives with integrity and courage through the practice of yoga. We encourage New Yorkers to be unstoppable on and off the mat.” The Lyons Den brand definitely has an edge to it, which isn’t typical for a yoga brand. And if it’s Bethany’s goal to give me courage, I must have been at the right studio for my first hot yoga class. Continue reading

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Reflections on My First Year of Blogging

Reflections on My First Year of Blogging

There are many arguments claiming that advancements in technology and social media have caused people to have fewer real experiences. I would argue that starting a blog, a digital experience, has encouraged me to have more real experiences and interact with more people than I ever have before. That’s the beauty of writing a fitness blog–it’s about what I’m doing, not simply what I’m buying. In the last year, I’ve worked out in the middle of a closed street, in two museums, on a rooftop, in a retail store, and (will soon) at a fashion show. I tried indoor rock climbing, boxing, aqua cycling, and rowing for the first time. I also ran a half marathon for charity and am training for a second race. I met countless fitness enthusiasts, instructors, studio owners, and brands–both online and offline. I threw myself outside my comfort zone, so I could live the healthiest year of my life. Writing 175 blog posts about those experiences has taught me a lot about myself, but there are two things I want to share with you. Continue reading

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