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    Marathon Nutrition 101 - Quality Base Phase

    Marathon Nutrition 101 – Quality Base Phase

    I mentioned earlier this summer that I would be working with nutritionist Michelle Pellizzon to help me feel and perform my best while training for the New York City Marathon. Michelle, who is also an ultra marathoner, has been guiding me through a phased nutrition approach that matches my training schedule and has offered to share some of her secrets with all of you. Keep reading for Michelle’s story and tips for setting yourself up for success in the kitchen.

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    #Run10Feed10 and Life Updates

    My Third Blogiversary

    I remember exactly where I was when I decided to start a blog. Three summers ago, I was walking into Central Park at 72nd Street, thinking about sharing my boutique fitness adventures. As a recent graduate, I wasn’t making much money and would research fitness studios and instructors online before investing in each class. At the time, each class was a major investment. After reading reviews and later sharing my experiences with friends, I decided that other people must be searching for reviews, as well. I wanted to share my own stories, from a non-fitness professional perspective. Today, has a similar goal, but this blog has opened more doors for me than I thought possible. Each year is filled with more adventure than the last.

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    Running and Traveling with VerveRider

    Running and Traveling with VerveRider+

    Whether I’m commuting on the subway, completing a training run, or traveling for a race, I’m constantly in motion. And while I want to listen to music or podcasts on the move, it can be difficult with devices or cords in the way. The VerveLife team at Motorola recently introduced me to VerveRider+, my answer to hands-free transit and training. It’s perfect timing with marathon training underway and a trip to Los Angeles this week.

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