Classtivity Passport Review

About a month ago, I made one of the best $50 purchases ever–a Classtivity Passport. I know that’s a bold statement, but the Passport helped me fill my 25th birthday month with healthy, new experiences. For the first time, I cycled in an aqua spin class, toned in a rooftop barre class, and fell in love with a TRX strap.


Classtivity Passport

A Classtivity Passport gives you access to explore 10 boutique fitness classes in NYC during a 30-day period. Classtivity partners with more than 30 studios to offer classes ranging from cycling and TRX to yoga and pilates. The studios I chose are shown above. You can roll over the image to see individual class prices without the Passport. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule in July, I was able to attend nine out of 10 classes. Here are more specifics about the ones I chose, including descriptions of my three favorites:

Favorite Classes:

Revolve (Real Ride) – While I had my first indoor cycling experience at a SoulCycle cardio party in June, I was pleasantly surprised by Revolve’s class format. The ride included less choreography and more climbing, simulating an outdoor ride. I have been back to Revolve since my first class with Dyan Tsiumis. I know I’ll go again.

Nalini Method – I took this class with Founder Rupa Mehta. This woman is a true example of “small but mighty.” Her method, which was created in honor of her mother, combines movements from yoga, pilates, and barre that will leave your muscles trembling. She is great with names and gives lots of constructive feedback.

Pedal NYC (30/30) – This was the first time I took a TRX class, but it didn’t stop at that. The first 30 minutes were a cycling class, followed by 30 minutes of TRX. I loved the format. Cycling boosts your heart rate, while TRX maintains the intensity and really hits your core. I also felt motivated by no-nonsense instructor, Jared Stein. I have been back to Pedal for another 30/30 class.

Other Classes:

To get a Passport, you first have to put yourself on a waiting list. I was on the list for less than two weeks, but I suggest you sign up ASAP. I’m sure the wait will become exponentially longer, as New Yorkers hear about this amazing deal. For less than 20% of what these classes would individually cost, I got to try nine new studios that I plan to return to. While challenging yourself to fit the 10 classes into one month, you’ll come away knowing which types of exercise really work for you.

Last week, I was invited to be one of the first to try Class Pass, the new monthly version of the Passport. Class Pass includes access to even more studios around the city. More on that to come.



  1. Heather Mill says

    Just found this post while searching for Classtivity reviews! So helpful. I think the current selection of Passport studios is not as good, but maybe January is not a great time to start it, what with the rush studios are likely experiencing. I love your blog – just read the whole thing. :)


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