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Refine Method – Katie Bergstrom

Before taking my first class at any studio that’s new to me, I do a little bit of research to figure out what I’m getting into. It seems like every studio out there has created their own most-effective method of burning calories and building muscle, but it’s tough to figure out what the method entails. I went through this process before my first Refine Method class last night. The website claims that Refine Method is “New York’s smartest workout.” What does that mean? Then, I saw this infographic, and the Insights Analyst in me was smitten.

Image via Refine Method

The “Is This You?” section at the top of the graphic could not describe me more accurately. The graphic told me that I’d be using a wide variety of equipment to get a combined strength and cardio workout. I’d also be pushed to change my mind about a few things. What could Rate Your Burn tell me about the instructor I selected, Katie Bergstrom?

What Others Said
“If this little sparkler is anything, it’s focused. She won’t let you miss a beat. I like that Refine hammers this you-can-rest-when-you’re-dead attitude in the instructors. No wasted time = a New York City girl’s ideal workout.” – LacticAddict

“Katie is tough. Just because Katie is nice, doesn’t mean she won’t deliver a killer workout. I always leave Katie’s class feeling fully cooked and happy that I gave it my all.”Eheartssweat

What I Thought
Katie’s above reviews were spot on. I was the only new student in the class, and she fluidly caught me up to speed while still challenging the seven veterans. Inside the studio are stations that include adjustable cables, kettlebells, sliding disks, resistance bands, etc. There was enough equipment that I sense each Refine Method workout is very different. The class started with some foam rolling and what Katie called a “flow,” which was like a more intense yoga flow. The majority of time was spent doing sets of three high-intensity intervals with active recovery between each. For example, we did pushup/side plank twists, followed by criss-cross jumpsquats. We cooled down with resistance band stretching with the lights dimmed.

Katie is exactly the type of instructor I look for. She’s quick with a hands-on correction and speaks to you by name. She’s also very motivating without being too peppy. I might be a little bit biased though, because we had two things in common. First, we immediately noticed we were both wearing the exact same Asic GT-2000s. Katie also asked me mid-class if I was a dancer. She’s not the first instructor to ask, so it must still be evident in the way I move. Katie is also a dancer. I highly recommend her as an instructor if you’re not afraid to be pushed and tweaked for a full class.

Locations: 340 East 71st Street / 117 West 72nd Street
Price Per Class: $16 for first class
More background information from Founder Brynn Jinnett:

“Back away from the barre, and train like an athlete.”

You can take Refine Method classes with the Classtivity Passport.ClasstivityButton

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  • Reply Margaret (@HaveAGoodRun)

    I have a STRONG love/obsession/addiction for Refine, Evann! Katie is one of my FAVORITE instructors. Be sure to try out Pam and Brynn, too!

    August 15, 2013 at 1:40 pm
    • Reply evannclingan

      I just tried Brynn’s class last night and loved it! Refine is a keeper :)

      August 28, 2013 at 12:03 am

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