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BluePrint for Juice Cleansing Newbies

As I started to take boutique fitness classes, I noticed a habit shared by many students. No matter which studio I was attending, a group would head to a juice bar to refuel after their workout. They would visit bars like Juice Generation and Organic Avenue for their greens-through-a-straw fix.

While a small part of me felt left out, a larger part was intimidated. As someone who has never liked vegetables in liquid form, including juices and soups, I thought there would be no way I could choke down one of these concoctions. In July, I stayed with a friend whose mother is a fitness instructor. She made a smoothie with spinach in it, which I reluctantly tried. It turns out that fruits really do mask a lot of the green taste. After returning home, I started to make some of my own smoothies. Still, bottled juices and cleansing were foreign to me.

BluePrintJuicesImage via BluePrint

I was excited when I read about BluePrint’s launch of three new juice flavors for newbies in Well and Good last week. Each of the flavors includes only two to three ingredients and comes in a 10-ounce bottle. The juices cost $5.99 each and are now available at Whole Foods nationwide. I picked up a bottle of each to share my honest, newbie feelings with you.

Orange Grapefruit Lemon (120 calories)
Great for Vitamin C — 210% of Daily Value
With no vegetables in it, this flavor is probably the easiest for newbies to drink. It’s like fresh-squeezed orange juice, but I could also taste the tart grapefruit. The lemon is pretty hard to detect. This flavor is great, but it contains the most sugar of the three (25g). Still, a can of soda can have around 40g of sugar in it. I could see myself drinking this flavor on my subway commute to work in the morning.

Kale Apple Lemon (100 calories)
Great for Vitamin C — 70% of Daily Value
After making smoothies with spinach in it, I was eager to try a juice with kale in it. Thankfully, I could smell the kale more than I could taste it. This flavor actually tastes a lot like plain apple juice. Where do they hide all those greens?! Again, the lemon is hard to detect. I was impressed that the kale doesn’t make the juice taste thick or gritty. I could see myself drinking this flavor as a mid-morning snack. It was my favorite!

Carrot Lemon (100 calories)
Great for Vitamin A — 1240% of Daily Value
In all honesty, I was nervous to try this flavor. I typically don’t even put carrots in my salads. This is definitely the most savory of the three. It tastes like carrots, but the lemon adds enough tang that it’s drinkable. I’m not sure I would want to drink a full 10 ounces, though. This flavor does include the most protein of the three (3g), but it also has the most calories from fat (10). I could see myself (maybe) drinking this flavor before or after a workout.

Have you ever tried pressed juices? What’s your favorite flavor combination?

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  • Reply J. Parker

    I just picked up the Orange Grapefruit Lemon option at Whole Foods this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was! Hah I wasn’t super in love with the $6 price tag but I could definitely see it becoming a once or twice a week treat!

    I’ll try the Kale Apple Lemon next time since you liked it so much!


    J. Parker

    August 19, 2013 at 3:59 pm
    • Reply evannclingan

      Isn’t it delicious?! It’s amazing how so few ingredients can be combined for a great taste. I drank the rest of my Kale Apple Lemon this morning and liked it just as much. The price tag is a bit steep, but these juices have left me feeling more energized than a morning coffee buzz.

      Thanks for reading!

      August 19, 2013 at 5:10 pm

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