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The Female NFL Fan

Since moving to Manhattan, many people ask me the same question when I say I’m from Pittsburgh: “Are you a Steelers fan?” I always laugh and explain that if you’re from Pittsburgh, you don’t have much of a choice. Your blood runs black and gold. I have priceless memories of attending home games in the bitter cold with my dad and brother, complete with a painted face and warmers in my boots. I’ve even had the privilege of watching my team win two Super Bowls (ahem…six total). Yes, I am a true female NFL fan. Doubt me? I wrote my undergraduate Honors Thesis on how NFL fans experience an identity shift when engaging with other fans on social media. Nerdy, I know.

Minka Kelly by Dan Monick for Marie Claire US September 2013

According to Sports Business Daily, over 50% of US women watch regular season NFL games. That number has jumped in recent years. Publications like Forbes have noted that the NFL is paying closer attention to the ladies. Last week, Vogue kicked off New York Fashion Week with an NFL fashion show at Grand Central. The league even partnered with Marie Claire for a Savvy Girl’s Guide to Football in its October issue. Hello, girlcrush.

Aside from reading the Savvy Girl’s Guide, new fans can visit some of my favorite online resources below to catch play-by-plays, industry news, and the most recent tweets from favorite players.

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Growing up, I often wore jerseys over bulky sweatshirts to keep warm while watching games. Now, I spend Sundays watching at local bars with fans from all over the country. This means ditching the gloves and hat for some stylish gear. No matter your favorite team, many companies now offer comfortable, feminine options. I only have one rule: No Pink. There is no NFL team that rocks a pink jersey, so you shouldn’t either. The roundup below includes some of my favorite Nike NFL gear for women. Some to be worn at the gym, others at the bar.


Dunk Low iD ShoeTempo 3.5″ Shorts, Talent Scout Tee,
Pullover Performance Hoodie, Pro Sports BraWildcard Epic Sweatshirt

Other Favorite Sites: NFL ShopJunk Food Clothing, ’47 BrandAlyssa Milano

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