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The Fhitting Room – Eric Salvador & Amanda Butler

Last week, I admitted that I was intimidated by The Fhitting Room, a fitness studio that focuses on High Intensity Training. Emphasis on high intensity. It’s also known for having tough instructors. After seeing a tweet about my blog post, The Fhitting Room team invited me to try a class. Without over-thinking it, I signed up for last night’s workout. The class included about 12 students and was taught by both Eric Salvador and Amanda Butler. I was immediately excited about having two instructors, as I love having someone watch and correct my form throughout the workout.

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What Others Said
“Both Eric and Amanda are super motivating and SUPER form conscious.  Corrections galore and when you got it right you were rewarded with a ‘YES! AWESOME!’ which made my internal teacher’s pet squeal with joy.”SadPandaSweats

“Eric and Amanda’s energy are off the charts. I always found that even with extremely hard full body workouts, the instructor is the difference between bad, ok, good and great, And this was great. They rotate around the room making sure as they bark out the next exercise, your form is perfect.”HeSweatsSheSweats

What I Thought
The studio itself is long and narrow, with mirrors on one side and a wall of kettlebells, hand weights, and suspended straps on the other. However, the most unexpected feature is the springy floor. I didn’t realize that was the case until we started our warmup with jumping jacks. It reminded me of the floor in a gymnastics class, and I quickly found that it was easier to stay with the rhythm of the group than to fall behind and work against the bounce of the floor. To be honest, I don’t remember every part of the hour-long workout. I think I blacked some of it out, while I was concentrating on form and not losing my breath. Thankfully, it was written on the wall for me to photograph:



Class was broken into about five segments, including two for strength, plus a Tabata (four minutes of high intensity intervals), 55s, and a final Fhix. The first three segments are clearly written out in the pictures above. 55s was a series of squat jumps and pushups–10 squats with 1 pushup, 9 squats with 2 pushups, etc. The Fhix was the killer. It was 6 minutes of 21 burpees, 21 thrusters, 15 burpees, 15 thrusters, 9 burpees, and 9 thrusters. This workout isn’t for beginners, but it’s absolutely a doable challenge for someone with an intermediate or advanced fitness level.

I was initially intimidated by Fhitting Room because I thought the instructors would be tough to the point of seeming mean. I don’t respond well to that sort of motivation. However, it was absolutely not the case. Throughout the workout, Eric and Amanda called people out by name to correct their form, tell them to push harder, or praise their effort. They were a very vocal team that expected 110% effort but encouraged you enough to get you there. Consider my intimidation gone. I’ll be back, Fhitting Room. Thank you for the invitation to step outside my comfort zone.

Location: 1166 Lexington Avenue
Price Per Class: $35 first class, with second class free!

You can take Fhitting Room classes with the Classtivity Passport.ClasstivityButton

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