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Dance Motivation Fitness – Lindi Duesenberg

When I initially received the confirmation email from Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) for my first class, one particular line grabbed my attention–“Comfy sneakers are a necessity, as is your sense of humor–we laugh a lot at DMF!” As someone who has been told by multiple instructors that I smile through the toughest parts of class (it’s my way of coping!), I knew I was headed to the right studio.

Images & Video via DMF

First, I want to introduce the Founder of DMF, Lindi Duesenberg. This woman, who told me via email to expect laughter during my workout, is a ray of sunshine. She exudes positivity and uses fitness as a platform to empower others. After years of performing as a professional dancer, Lindi searched for a way to make a positive impact in her community. She decided to create a workout that was both judgement-free and very effective. In a recent FITiST interview, she said,

“I wanted to create a class that was accessible for EVERYONE, regardless of age and fitness level. And most importantly, I wanted to bring more FUN back into the fitness routine and help clients shed insecurities and just feel good in their bodies.”

While many fitness structors and studio owners in New York City are striving to find a permanent location, Lindi is pursuing a different goal. She’s working to launch DMF Youth, “a dance-fitness after school and educational program that blends a positive and motivational dance workout with an interactive and fun life skills curriculum.” Through this program, she hopes to help children in her community nurture their health, embrace joy, lead openly, and live gratefully. In the meantime, Lindi is already giving back to organizations like She’s the First through her donation-based Dance for a Cause classes. Each class has raised over $1,000.


Lindi’s class is a lot like dancing with your best (and most encouraging) friends at a slumber party. Maybe it’s because Lindi is the kind of instructor who you’d want to be friends with outside of class. While she’s motivating you with sentiments like, “It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel,” she also finds a way to help you burn 500+ calories.

I really enjoyed dancing in a studio that offered enough room to let loose. The class was filled with women of all ages, including a child, who really were dancing without reservation. Lindi’s playlist was excellent. In recognition of the fact that no one listens to only one genre of music, she plays old-school hip hop, boy band ballads, Beyonce hits, and everything in between. Each series of dance moves is choreographed to match the music style but is also easy for beginners to follow. She completes each dance sequence three times, so you’re sure to be following along by the third time through. In the middle of the class, Lindi also leads a strength section, which includes a series of lunge modifications. But what you somehow forget with all the fun and dancing, is that you’re actually toning for the entire hour. To help you understand the energy in the room, it’ll take a video:

Locations: 305 West 38th St.48 West 68th St.
Price Per Class: $25

You can take DMF classes with the Classtivity Passport.ClasstivityButton

NOTE: DMF allowed me to visit for a free class, but I was in no way compensated to review it on my blog. These are honest opinions.

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