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Exceed Physical Culture – Lauren Lorow

When I reviewed the Classtivity ClassPass, I shared that one of my top three favorite studios that’s offered is Exceed Physical Culture. I’ve been to Exceed 5+ times now and keep going back because the instructors and the program have a way of motivating me to do more than I think I can. And I mean far more.

“Exceed Physical Culture is a community where every person can be an athlete and achieve their highest fitness goals.  Based on his 25+ years of personal and client training experience, celebrity trainer Ed Cashin developed the SUMMIT Method (Strength & Ultra Metabolic Movement Interval Training) to revolutionize the fitness industry by bringing the best of personal training to a small group format.”

Exceed Physical Culture - Lauren Lorow

Yes, more love for interval training. But SUMMIT at Exceed is not like taking a class at The Fhitting Room. Don’t get me wrong, Fhitting Room is also a very challenging workout, but the size of its facility limits the options for movement. Exceed’s facility is split into two parts–a personal training gym and a large space for group classes, with a glass wall separating the two. That glass wall is a place for Exceed athletes to write their next big fitness goals. My half marathon is up there!

Exceed Physical Culture - Lauren Lorow

A SUMMIT class starts with a stationary warmup, but the bulk of the class is spent at various stations around the room. These stations change for every class but always utilize a variety of equipment, including medicine balls, kettlebells, ab rollers, sliding discs, TRX straps, and rowing machines. Sometimes you rotate through the same exercises for most of the class. Sometimes every rotation changes. The ladder was true for my class last night with Lauren Lorow.

What Others Said
“Form gal. She’ll tell you to widen your stance, move your elbows up to exactly shoulder height, and engage abs. But no physical corrections. Sorry, boys.”SweatPump

“Lauren demonstrated all the exercises with perfect form before having us do them. There definitely could have been more physical form adjustments.”BurnJunkie

Exceed Physical Culture - Lauren Lorow
Images via Lauren Lorow

What I Thought
First, it must be said that Lauren ran the ING New York City Marathon about a week ago. That makes her a fitness superhero in my eyes. She also received a pair of the Sweat Pink shoelaces I sent out a few weeks ago, which she was wearing in last night’s class!

The reviews above both point out Lauren’s perfect form. They weren’t kidding. While demonstrating, Lauren made each exercise look easy, but I knew better than to think they would be. She’s particularly good at planks. If there’s one exercise I struggle with, it’s any variation of the plank, especially when your feet are hooked into a TRX strap. Last night’s SUMMIT class was about one-third TRX planks–mountain climbers, pendulums, knees side to side, etc. Lauren was a great cheerleader while I noticeably struggled through these sections, which occurred just before and after the rotations to various stations.

Exceed Physical Culture - Lauren Lorow

There were about six students in last night’s class, each at varied fitness levels. Lauren did a great job offering modifications to make exercises more or less challenging as we rotated. I tend to have the sort of tunnel vision during the rotations that makes me forget what I actually did, but I know we did jump squats, kettle bell swings, wall sits, box jumps, burpees with BOSU, jumprope, row machine, etc. While we completed each exercise for about 45 seconds, Lauren seemed to be at every station making adjustments and offering encouragement. By the end of class, I was exhausted and regretting the miles I ran yesterday morning. Still, I left feeling a little bit stronger than I did going in.

Location: 1477 Third Avenue
Price Per Class: $32 per class

You can take Exceed Physical Culture classes with the Classtivity Passport.ClasstivityButton

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