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What It’s Like to Use a Standing Desk – 30 Days Later

It’s been almost a full month since I received my standing desk from Varidesk. I promised that I would report back mid-November with my opinions on using the desk. First, to give you a better understanding of how the Varidesk Pro works, watch this video:

I mentioned when I received the desk that it came with a downloadable companion app that would tell you when to sit and stand throughout the day. I decided to hold off on using the app for the first month to experiment with the desk on my own. On a typical workday, I sit at my desk to eat breakfast, stand until about 2:00pm, then sit for almost the rest of the day. Occasionally, I raise the desk near the end of the day to boost my energy. I plan to start using the app this week, so I don’t even have to think about when to sit and stand.

When I first received the desk, I predicted that more of the following would happen:

  1. Receiving more Fuel points on my Nike FuelBand. (See #4)
    To be honest, I didn’t track the difference in my Fuel points very closely, but my guess is that standing did cause an increase. Standing allows for more full-body movement and also reminds me to take more short walks, either in the office or around the block. This alone keeps me from getting stiff and tired.
  2. Wearing flats to work. Standing all day in heels doesn’t sound fun.
    This ended up not being the case. Many of my fall shoes are boots that have wedges or heels on them. I haven’t stopped wearing my favorite boots because I’m standing throughout the day. If my heels were higher, it may be a problem, but I don’t notice much of a difference on days when I wear flats.
  3. Interacting more often with coworkers and staying more alert.
    I feel more inclined to talk to and collaborate with coworkers, simply because I’m working at a level where I can more easily see everyone. My office has an open floor plan, but people’s faces are often blocked by their double monitors. Seeing their faces reminds me to engage with them. As people walk by to the kitchen near my desk, they also stop to talk to me. A standing desk is a great conversation starter.
  4. Moving my feet to any song that’s playing through my headphones.
    I’m guilty of doing this. Ask the guy who sits behind me. Hey, Ryan! For whatever reason, I’m more likely to listen to music through my headphones while standing, which does make me tap my feet or dance a little bit. I’ve decided that I think better when my body is moving. Hopefully I’m not too distracting.

What It's Like to Use a Standing Desk

What’s my final opinion on the standing desk? I really like it. I like the Varidesk Pro in particular because it gives me the option to easily switch from a sitting to a standing position. The morning after a tough workout, it keeps my muscles from getting achy, whether I’m moving around at my desk or throughout the office. I’ll admit that there are days when I only stand for a few hours (sometimes on the Friday of a long week), but I stand for almost the entire day when I’m in and out of meetings. If you’re considering a standing desk, I highly recommend it. Standing for part of the day not only makes you physically healthier, but it seems to keep me more alert and less restless at the office. Goodbye, 4:00pm slump!

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  • Reply Meaghan - DC Fit Crasher

    Love your review of the standing desk and totally agree that it promotes lots of “foot tapping” and maybe even a few spontaneous dance parties. I recently built my own standing desk at work out of crates and other odds and ends. It looks weird and I get more than few odd stares, but overall I’m really enjoying it. Seeing your post motivated me to keep it up (because, honestly, there are some days when my legs just aren’t into it). Thanks!

    November 19, 2013 at 10:10 pm
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