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Drop and Catch the Beat

As a former dancer, music has always been a crucial component of my workout. This has also been true for my fitness classes, but I’ve recently learned how helpful a great playlist can be for running, as well. It helps me both keep the right pace and stay motivated mile after mile. I’m not sure if it’s the holiday spirit or my shock after Beyoncé dropped a surprise album, but I can’t seem to take my headphones out this week.

Stephanie Nieman
Image via James & Christine Photography

Steph Nieman, a fitness instructor, class creator, and studio consultant, recently wrote a blog post called Why Music Motivates Us. She covers reasons ranging from tempo and rhythm response to distraction and companionship. I hadn’t thought about some of these reasons before, but Steph is a fitness guru who knows what she’s talking about.

In the boutique fitness world, music has become everything. Workouts are strategically choreographed to music in intervals to maximize effectiveness. How do you think the SoulCycle cardio party got so popular? Instructors at all studios should add DJing to the skills section of their resumes. Choosing the right beats to fit their personality and the pace of the class is no easy task. To celebrate the holidays, a few fitness studios have released playlists on Facebook. Enjoy these songs from SoulCycle and Bari during workouts this week or while spending time with family and friends.

SoulCycle Holiday Playlist Bari Holiday Playlist

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