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Best NYC Fitness Classes for Newbies

Does one (or more) of your New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting fit? Gyms are notoriously busy in January. Plus, if you’re a fitness newbie, working out independently at a gym can be intimidating and less than motivating. I only go to the gym to run on rainy days. Otherwise, I’m running outside or sweating in a boutique fitness class. I think an instructor’s knowledge and encouragement make classes a great option for newbies. Instructors also have a way of making even the toughest workouts enjoyable, whether it be with their personality or playlist. But some classes are better suited for newbies than others. Here are my picks for classes to start out with in New York City.

305 Fitness

In their words: “Leave your chaotic city life behind. Our Miami-inspired, endorphin-packed classes are the ultimate antidote to daily worries dragging you down. These classes leave you feeling high. Which is why we call our clients ‘junkies.’ They can’t get enough. If you’ve found it hard to stick to a gym routine in the past, our addictive cardio parties will turn you into a fitness fanatic.”
Newbie Perk: If you’re not into fancy equipment, 305 is for you. You’ll like it if you like dancing at a club (there’s a DJ). You’ll even like it if you’re afraid to dance anywhere but in front of your bathroom mirror. The instructors have a way of helping you stop stressing over the moves and start enjoying the Miami-inspired workout. It’s a lot of dancing with some intense intervals and sculpting.
Newbie Price:
$36 for 3 classes in 3 weeks
 37 West 26th Street
Recommended Instructor: Sadie Kurzban

Uplift Studios

In their words: “Uplift is a women-only boutique fitness studio offering amazing group classes, personal training and private events. We have been called the ‘friendliest fitness studio’ in town, and there’s a reason why. Uplift is not just a place to work out – it is a place where women come to do something great for themselves in a fun, friendly and, yes, Uplift-ing atmosphere.”
Newbie Perk: If you’re intimidated by working out with the guys, Uplift is for you. I know that when it comes to strength training, a lot of women feel uncomfortable lifting next to a guy who can put up more than twice the weight they’re lifting. Uplift is a safe zone. Class sizes are small. The instructors take the pressure off. They also give you healthy snacks after class.
Newbie Price: 
$32 for 2 classes
 24 West 23th Street
Recommended Instructor: Chelsea Dornan

Pedal NYC

In their words: “Everyone has the right to live a healthy, fit life…Our goal is to make this a reality for all of you; to activate a fitness regime that will motivate your mind and body, while keeping you engaged, healthy and injury free…We feel strongly that it is important to vary your workouts and to strengthen & tone key muscles in more ways than one, so we have incorporated classes that will increase endurance, build essential core strength and improve flexibility.”
Newbie Perk: If you get bored doing the same exercises over and over, Pedal is for you. This is also a great choice if you’re not sure which type of exercise you will enjoy. Pedal offers a 30/30 class, which includes 30 minutes of two types of exercise. You can choose between Pedal/YoStretch for indoor cycling and yoga or Pedal/Strength for indoor cycling and toning. Variation in exercise will also help you see faster results.
Newbie Price: 
$30 per class
33 West End Avenue
Recommended Instructor: Mr. Ray Wallace

You can take Uplift & Pedal classes with the Classtivity Passport.
$49 for 10 boutique fitness classes in 30 days.

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  • Reply Jenna Tanenbaum (@urbanfitopia)

    These are all great choices. I’ve never been to 305 Fitness but have heard good things. Can’t wait to try it out!

    January 6, 2014 at 10:53 am
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    May 22, 2014 at 7:04 am
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