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Sweatworking, working out with friends, colleagues, or clients, has become a growing trend over the last year. It allows those who are short on time to kill two birds with one stone–meet with someone, while fitting in a sweat session. Upscale boutique fitness studios are the perfect place for sweatworking. But when you’re already busy, it can be difficult to sync your schedule with someone else’s to fit in a class. Enter Sweat Sync, a social platform that helps you coordinate your workouts with others and keeps you motivated by viewing friends’ fitness activity through online profiles.

Sweat Sync
Image via Body in Balance

Whether you’re heading to a class at a boutique fitness studio, scheduling a personal training session, or registering for a race, Sweat Sync can help you find others who are doing the same activities. Get your friends on board to sweat with you or find new friends who are already signed up. If you’re looking for new workout options in your area, use Sweat Sync as an exploratory tool to discover a new favorite studio. While the tool helps you explore fitness options and connect with others online, it’s ultimately meant to make your (offline) workouts more social.

Sweat Sync

The above image is part of Sweat Sync Founder Anita Mirchandani’s profile. Here, she can add her fitness history, favorite activities, and calendar events for new activities that will be visible to her network. As Anita completes new workouts and connects with others on Sweat Sync, she can earn points and badges that will also be displayed on her profile. Whether you’re headed to CorePower Yoga in Chicago or Biker Barre in D.C., schedule a fitness date with a friend or make a new one! Sign up here for your Sweat Sync login:

Sweat Sync

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