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January Goal Reflection: As the frigid days turned into weeks in January, I was conscious of the fact that my running mileage wasn’t adding up the way I’d hoped. My goal was to run 80 miles in January. I ended up with 45 miles, which is only about halfway there. But if you were affected by the polar vortex, you know that January was not an ideal month to be running outside. I did spend some time on the treadmill, but I ended up taking more classes than I have been to fit 5-6 workouts in per week. I’m usually one to crush every goal I set, but sometimes life happens. I stayed very active in January and am crossing my fingers for a milder February. I’d like to start running outside of Central Park, as well.

As for my fundraising goal, you all reached that one for me. I wanted to be at 70% of my total goal by the end of January. Thanks to the generosity of many, I’m at 74%!

February Goal Setting: Being part of the NYC fitness scene has given me many opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. I’m going to focus on that newness in February. My goal is to visit a new studio, try a new class, or choose a new instructor once per week this month. You never know when you’ll find a new favorite way to sweat. I’m also committing to taking yoga once per week in February. I’ve heard that the meditation and stretching really benefit distance runners.

My new half marathon fundraising goal will be to hit 85%, which is $310 away. I would love if you’d consider donating to support LLS research. CLICK TO DONATE

Well + Good NYC Goal:

Gabrielle Bernstein

“Of the millions of thoughts running through our minds at any given moment, many of them are the opposite of loving…Let’s interrupt the internal mean-girl voice this month (it’s Valentine’s Day, after all).”

I think everyone can be hard on themselves, but it especially goes for women. While society likely plays a role in the additional pressure to be perfect, it’s every woman’s job to be kind to herself. I sometimes catch myself thinking, “Am I on track? Is this how life should go?” Then I must remind myself that comparison is the enemy. This month, I intend to forgive myself more. No one is perfect. And wouldn’t it be boring if were?

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