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Six Month Blogiversary

6 Months

I can’t believe that six months ago, I hit Publish on my first blog post, a ClassPass Passport review. To be honest, I was hesitant to start blogging for a long time. The first step was purchasing because I thought I should own my domain name, especially because my name is unique. But the blog eventually happened. Many people ask who created my blog design and continues to create my graphics. I’m proud to say that my amateur coding knowledge from tweaking my MySpace and my slightly-more-advanced graphic design skills from college classes have allowed me to shape this page into a reflection of me and my healthy adventures.

A lot has happened in the last six months. I settled into a new apartment.  I started taking ClassPass classes each week. I was featured on Jada Beauty and Sweet Lemon. I tried new things, traveled, made new friends, and registered for my first half marathon. I even talked myself out of making a major move to another city. And, along the way, I’ve shared many of those experiences here. It’s a funny thing to be a blogger. There are times when I wonder “Does anyone care what I have to say?” But the reason I decided to take this domain name and transform it into a fitness blog was because I was tired of just reading everyone else’s opinions on the NYC fitness scene. I wanted to join the conversation and be part of this scene in a deeper way.

When I started blogging, I promised myself that I wouldn’t sit down to create content if I wasn’t feeling inspired. That’s why some weeks you see a consistent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday post, while other weeks are more haphazard. If I’m not in the mood to write, you probably won’t enjoy reading what I have to say. But putting the time and energy into updating a few times each week has been worth it. As a blogger, you do get invited to exclusive events and get to review fun products, but that hasn’t been the best part. For me, the biggest benefit of blogging has been meeting studio owners, instructors, small business owners, and wellness professionals from around the country, both in person and via social media. These people, who have dedicated their lives to helping others live healthier lives, have such positive and motivating attitudes. They’ve so openly welcomed me into their scene, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s to the next six months of blogging and healthy living!

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  • Reply Sam @ Mom At The Barre

    Happy 6 month blogiversary! I’ve been loving your fitness reviews!

    February 13, 2014 at 9:05 pm
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