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360i #FuelGood for She’s the First

I work as a Senior Insights Analyst at 360i, a digital advertising agency, but don’t talk about work on my blog because I choose to keep the two worlds separate. However, this work-related news is relevant to share. I recently submitted a proposal to 360i’s #FuelGood initiative and was selected to lead a group of coworkers in a wellness challenge over the next few months. Watch the video below to learn more about #FuelGood, which turns data from Nike FuelBands into donations for charity. You can see my feet in tan wedges at :07.

My #FuelGood project will support She’s the First, a charity that has been dear to my heart for almost two years. I’ve talked about She’s the First on the blog before, but to refresh your memory:

She’s the First sponsors girls’ education in developing nations, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school. To fulfill this mission, She’s the First guides supporters to organize creative fundraisers and gives them an understanding of complex global issues related to poverty.

Most participants in my #FuelGood challenge are currently training for a half marathon, full marathon, or Iron Man. Every time we reach a specific milestone of Fuel Points as a group, a sum of money will be donated to She’s the First. I am so excited that my half marathon training will now be supporting two causes, both blood cancer research and girls’ education. #FuelGood gives every training mile that much more meaning. It’s special when your worlds collide for good. I can’t wait to introduce my coworkers to one of my favorite causes. Follow #FuelGood on Twitter and Instagram for updates through May.


360i #FuelGood
Image and Video via 360i
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    […] two months ago, I mentioned the #FuelGood wellness challenge I’m leading at work to benefit She’s the First, an NYC-based organization that’s […]

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