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March Recap / April Goals

April Goals - EvannClingan.comPhotography by Rebecca Dale Adler

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March Goal Reflection: As you’ve probably read in one of my blog or social media posts, I exceeded my half marathon fundraising goal two weeks ago. In February’s recap post, I hoped to reach 93% of my total goal by this time, but I am now at 107%. Thank you to all my donors for your support. In March, I also became a Fitfluential Ambassador and was featured on SoulCycle’s blog. I had a lot to be excited about this month!

If you’ll remember, my March goal was to drink more water to stay hydrated. I knew this was especially important as my training runs would only grow longer. I’ve continued to drink about the same amount of water at work, which is a fairly decent amount but could still be better. However, I learned a lot about the importance of hydration during my first 10 mile run ever this month. That day, I assumed that I could drink from the water fountains in the parks as I ran. I quickly found that the water fountains hadn’t been turned on yet, since temperatures were still freezing. I ended up getting one quick drink in on that run but felt extremely lightheaded afterward. The second time I ran 10 miles, I made sure to carry my Nathan QuickShot Plus handheld water bottle. I do not like carrying water while running, but it’s necessary to hydrate along the way. I felt much better after my run that time. Lesson learned. Don’t attempt double-digit mileage with no water.

April Goal Setting: April is finally here. I’ve been working toward a major milestone at the end of April for many months, so I think it goes without saying that my goal is to run a half marathon. In 2014, I’ve run over 150 miles so far. While that may sound like a lot, that number would have been far higher had the weather been better. I subbed in cycling or strength classes for some of my planned training runs to avoid injuries from running in the ice and snow. I couldn’t be prouder of my progress but know that I still have a long way to go this month. My plan is to eat clean, drink water (and not alcohol), sleep well, run hard, and stay positive. By the time I write my April recap post, I’ll be wearing my Tiffany’s race necklace, which is what Nike awards to finishers instead of a medal. Follow along with my final month of training on Twitter and Instagram.

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC

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