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ClassPass Fitness Night Out: Throwback Fitness

ClassPass Fitness Night Out

Last night, ClassPass hosted its first Fitness Night Out, a series that will take workouts from the studio to outdoor locations in New York. ClassPlass plans to turn these evenings into a full fitness experience by partnering with other health and wellness brands. Best part? Anyone with a ClassPass membership can sign up. For the first FNO, I found myself heading to Pier 46 off the West Side Highway as the sun was setting.

ClassPass Fitness Night OutImages via Throwback

Last night’s FNO was hosted by Throwback’s Ryan “Perfect Score on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test” Wilke and Brian “I Can Row 2000m in 7:07” Gallagher. These guys are serious athletes. But what I love about Throwback, New York’s first team fitness experience, is that Ryan and Brian put a fun, old-school twist on an intense workout. They take classic exercises like squats, burpees, and push-ups and incorporate them into team competitions. During our 45-minute workout, we participated in three competitions. First, partners took turns running laps and completing a series of body weight exercises for 18 minutes. Next, we played a game of Capture the Flag that incorporated more body weight exercises. Finally, we competed in a race with our original partner, either crab walking or wheelbarrowing. My triceps are not friends with crab walking. I’m eager to visit Throwback’s new studio to try one of their indoor classes. I’ve heard they incorporate brutal rowing machine intervals into the workout. Bring it on, men.

ClassPass Fitness Night Out

After a team stretch and huddle, we refueled with Sweetgreen salads. Sweetgreen is a grab-and-go restaurant that uses local ingredients to create custom salads, bottled juices, and frozen yogurt. The D.C. company, which was founded by Georgetown grads, works to educate children about healthy eating and even hosts its own music festival. The Kale Caesar Salad I chose was the perfect way to end my first (of many) FNOs.

ClassPass Fitness Night Out

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