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My jeans and my workout gear share a dresser drawer, but the jeans might get kicked out soon. My workout wardrobe is constantly growing. I wear workout gear six days/week and sometimes all weekend to relax and run errands, which is why I continue to buy more. But workout gear, especially by major brands, is expensive. People often ask me why I spend so much on clothing that I sweat in. The truth is that I don’t spend as much on my gear as people think I do because I buy about 50% of it at T.J.Maxx. I’m willing to share my secret, as long as you don’t clear out the racks at my favorite Chelsea location.

The Instagram photos below all include at least one piece I bought at T.J.Maxx in the last six months. I can’t find links for these pieces because many of them are from last season, but that’s the beauty of workout gear. It doesn’t really go out of style. Yes, there are always new cuts and fabrics to try, but last season’s gear doesn’t look dated. I typically pay the following: Tops (<$20), Outerwear (<$35), Crops (<$25), Tights (<$35). While T.J.Maxx adds new inventory every week, I typically stop by once per month and grab two or three new pieces. I’ve scored major brands like Calvin Klein, Avalanche, Nike, and Reebok. It takes patience to sort through the endless racks, since there’s often only one of each size per piece, but it’s worth it if you frequently exercise and like to have a wardrobe of options. Having many options also means I don’t have to do laundry twice each week. Have you ever bought workout gear at T.J.Maxx? What’s your best deal?

T.J.Maxx FitnessT.J.Maxx Fitness

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