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Standing Mat for a Standing Desk

The Varidesk Mat

In October, Varidesk sent me a standing desk (Varidesk Pro) to test at work. I predicted what my experience would be like and shared the health benefits of a standing desk in this post. One month later, I looked back on my predictions and shared what it’s really like to use a standing desk. The best thing about the Varidesk Pro is that its height is adjustable. I can spend part of the day standing, then easily squeeze the side clips of the desk to lower it for sitting. Not a week goes by that a coworker doesn’t stop to ask about what it’s like to use a standing desk. One of them has since bought a Varidesk Pro for himself.

One criticism of standing desks in general is that being on your feet all day can cause foot, knee, hip, and back pain. While I don’t stand for the entire day, this is a valid point. I especially became aware of this during the peak in my half marathon training. Running 10 miles on a Sunday and trying to stand for even half the day on Monday was tough. To make standing easier on the lower body, Varidesk has recently introduced The Mat. The beveled mat has a no-slip bottom and measures 20”x34”x5/8”. While it’s sturdy enough to support your lower body, the cushiony feel of The Mat is pure comfort. My one complaint is that the black surface shows dirt and dust that my shoes track in from the sidewalks. However, I look forward to using The Mat with the standing desk that has already transformed the way I work.

NOTE: Varidesk provided me with this product, but I was in no way compensated to review it on my blog. These are honest opinions.

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