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Chobani Simply 100 — For Race Day & Every Day

I asked quite a few veteran runners for race day advice before my first half marathon. While I received many unique tips, every person shared this piece of advice with me: “Nothing new on race day.” No new clothes, shoes, beverages, or food. The race day breakfast is especially key. When packing for DC, I thought back to the few different breakfasts I tried before long runs. My worst long run was on the morning when I ate French toast at the local diner. It felt like bricks in my stomach. Some of my best long runs were on mornings when I ate Chobani. The live bacteria cultures in Greek yogurt help with digestion, and the sugar provides enough energy without feeling heavy. When I decided to eat Chobani the morning of my race, I also realized I couldn’t buy it ahead of time. This led to my wonderful parents finding a grocery store near our hotel in DC and buying me a few containers to keep in the ice bucket the day before the race. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Chobani Simply 100 -- For Race Day & Every Day

I started eating Chobani before I started running and still eat it on non-running days. Aside from making a great breakfast or mid-morning snack, I can sometimes trick myself into eating a container of Chobani instead of ice cream. I said sometimes. I’ve also used Chobani in recipes: Pumpkin Muffins, Peaches & Cream Smoothie, Black Cherry Vanilla Smoothie. Since I’m such a fan, I was excited when the Chobani team sent me a case of Chobani Simply 100, the first and only 100-calorie yogurt made with only natural ingredients. Simply 100, which comes in six flavors, is also great for those with specific dietary needs. It’s gluten free, kosher certified, vegetarian friendly, and has less than 5% lactose. Plus, even though it’s 100 cal, it tastes almost identical to regular Chobani (120-140 cal).

Chobani Simply 100 -- For Race Day & Every Day

I took my favorite flavor, pineapple, to Central Park yesterday to eat with a late lunch of chopped salad. While I couldn’t enjoy lunch with my mom on Mother’s Day (she’ll be here in two weeks!) I watched children play with their moms near the Sailboat Pond. It was a perfect 70-degree afternoon with my favorite all-natural snack.

NOTE: Chobani sent me product as part of a partnership with Refinery29. These are honest opinions.

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