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May Recap / June Goals – 3 Years in New York

May Recap / June Goals - 3 Years in New York

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May Goal Reflection: My May goal was to try one new studio or class per week, since I completed my half marathon. While I’ve accomplished that in the last month, I find myself reflecting on a much longer period of time this week. Today marks three years that I’ve lived in New York. This city is unlike any other on the planet, but there are aspects of living here that are very ordinary. If asked what living in New York has been like since May 30, 2011, these would be a few of my answers:

New York is laughing when people assume you live amongst the neon lights of Times Square.
New York is appreciating that you don’t own a car, even when the 6 Train makes you late for work.
New York is enjoying brunch for one at your favorite East Village spot with a great novel in hand.
New York is being surrounded by fascinating and talented friends who motivate you to be better.
New York is running around the Central Park Reservoir as the sun rises over the Midtown skyline.
New York is cringing every time you write a rent check or look at your struggling savings account.
New York is lounging on a blanket in Sheep’s Meadow with friends on a Saturday afternoon.
New York is giving up on the line at Trader Joe’s to go home and order Pad Thai from Seamless.
New York is triple-booking yourself on a Tuesday night because this city has too much to offer.
New York is becoming immune to the strange sights, sounds, and smells that terrify visitors.
New York is finding a friend on the subway or at a random bar in a city of 8.3 million people.
New York is walking the extra 10 blocks to get your favorite cup of coffee, slice of pizza, or bagel.
New York is listening to five different languages being spoken during your morning commute.
New York is enduring two hurricanes, a blackout, a polar vortex, and not being able to hail a cab.
New York is understanding that walking on the sidewalk here is akin to driving on the highway.
New York is glancing up from your iPhone and somehow always spotting the Empire State Building.
New York is swearing you’ll leave when it’s no longer worth it but loving it three years later.

June Goal Setting: If you caught my post on Monday, you already know that I registered for the Tri-State NJ Super Spartan on September 6. I will likely be completing a Sprint Spartan in July to prepare. This will be the Summer of Spartan. I’ll be writing biweekly Monday training posts like I did leading up to my half marathon, so follow along. If you’ve completed an obstacle course race, I’d love any tips!

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