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Beatbox Fitness Review

While I take a variety of fitness classes each week, one type of class that’s not in my regular rotation is kickboxing. But after taking the launch class for Beatbox Fitness on Monday, that’s going to change. According to Beatbox Founder Ailin Shvartsbart, “I’ve come to understand what women really want from their workouts. Something effective, fun, and interactive. At Beatbox, not only do you learn a new skill, but the kickboxing workout helps women feel empowered, courageous, and confident.”

Beatbox Fitness ReviewImages via Hallie Geller

From the beginning of class, Ailin set the tone by helping us imagine the wall or opponent in front of us as a challenge we’re working to overcome. Not smart enough? Not thin enough? Not strong enough? Break down the wall. And if the coaching isn’t enough, a live DJ plays upbeat mixes during every class. We started with a warmup series of jumping jacks, high knees, inchworms, and lunges before moving on to the boxing workout.

Beatbox Fitness Review

Rather than using kickboxing bags that weigh up to 150lb and can cause injury, Beatbox incorporates kickboxing moves into high intensity, cardio-focused intervals. The group completed combinations of punches, crosses, knees, and kicks while focusing on proper form. In between the kickboxing combinations, we also completed sets of crunches and squats. Kickboxing is the kind of workout that makes you drip with sweat but doesn’t let you feel the full burn until the next morning. The kickboxing combinations we completed particularly targeted my obliques and hip flexors. This made any twisting upper body movements fun on Tuesday (and Wednesday).

Beatbox Fitness Review

Beatbox classes are held every Monday at 7pm and 8pm at Pearl Studios. Sign up here. Beatbox is participating in She’s the First NYC Fit Week, plus holding a NetWorkout event with Local Levo NYC. So many opportunities to add kickboxing to your fitness routine, as well!

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