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June Recap / July Goals

June Recap / July Goals

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June Goal Reflection: My June goal was to start training for a Spartan Race, but I shared in my last post that I’ve decided an early September race isn’t the best decision for me. I’ve been busy taking group fitness classes 5-6 times per week, and I’ve been walking around the city as much as possible. This summer isn’t a break from fitness. I simply wanted to focus more on sunsets, happy hours, and afternoons at the park than a training schedule. I talk about finding balance that works for you, and this is what’s working for me this summer. A Spartan is in my future, but it won’t be in September.

July Goal Setting: Instead, I’ll be training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco. I’ll officially start training in the last week of July with four runs per week. Until then, I’ll be running twice per week. Half Marathon Monday posts will also be returning once training starts. My 26th birthday is on July 21. Leading up to my birthday and the start of training, I’m going to try and get my sleep schedule under control and make sure I have a solid running base to start a healthy new year. I’ll also be taking the time to read back through my training posts from my DC race to decide what I should do differently this time. I feel more confident in my decision to train for this race and can’t wait to make my first trip to San Francisco in October.

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