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Half Marathon Monday: The Journey to SF Begins

Half Marathon Monday: The Journey to SF BeginsImage via Nike Women

Today marks the start of a 13-week training journey for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF. This will be my second time training for 13.1. While my first half in DC went extremely well, I’ll be adjusting my training this time based on what I learned in the spring. My three major areas of focus will be better nutrition, consistent strength workouts, and frequent hill training. Increased strength and proper fueling will be necessary to prepare for those SF hills!

While I didn’t completely stop running since my last race, I focused far more on boutique fitness classes in the last 2.5 months. I specifically took high intensity interval training, barre, and spin classes. I’ll continue these less frequently throughout the next three months and will add yoga classes. With my focus having been on classes, I’ve been working to slowly rebuild my endurance and mental game by running 3-4 miles twice per week. It can be frustrating to get back into the habit of distance running, but I’m finally starting to feel at ease again. Starting this week, I’m moving to three runs, three cross training workouts, and one rest day. My schedule will likely switch to four runs and two cross training workouts in a few weeks.

This Week’s Plan of Attack

Monday – Boxing @ Exceed
Tuesday – Run 3.5 miles
Wednesday – Strength @ Uplift
 – Micro @ Bari
 – Rest Day
 – Run 4 miles
 – Run 5 miles

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