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12 Pasta Dishes (Because Runners Love Carbs)

If I had to choose one type of food as my favorite, I would easily say Italian. It probably has to do with my love for carbs and cheese. Fortunately, I grew up in Pittsburgh and now live in New York where the Italian food is plentiful and delicious. I recently went to Eataly for the first time! I think my love for Italian food, particularly pasta, has grown since moving to New York and becoming a runner. During training season, I have a Saturday afternoon tradition of heading to a neighborhood restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs takeout after a long run. Can’t go wrong with a carbs and protein combination to refuel, right? These diverse pasta dishes are meant to help you deliciously transition from summer (cold dishes) to fall (warm dishes). Buon appetito!

Check out 12 Pasta Dishes (Because Runners Love Carbs)

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