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Half Marathon Monday: Restoring with Mio Skincare

Half Marathon Monday: Restoring with Mio SkincareAs I enter the second half of training for my race, it’s starting to take a tole on my body. I closed out Labor Day weekend with an Uplift strength class, then pushed through the week with a run, a 305 dance cardio class, a NUFit high intensity interval class, a SoulCycle ride, and a yoga + run combo. Plus, NYFW events started last Wednesday. All the sweating and excitement left my body pretty sore. And later bedtimes didn’t help the situation. Over the weekend, I remembered that I was sent some Mio Skincare samples, which was perfect timing. Particularly, the Workout Wonder gel helped me relax and restore before NYFW Part 2.

Mio Skincare aims to give you fit skin that can easily cope with all the challenges life throws at us. They promise not to use any “nasties” (i.e. parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, etc.) in their products and don’t test on animals. The Workout Wonder is an energy shot for muscles that boosts you into action pre-workout and helps you recover quicker with uplifting herbs and extracts. When you massage one or two pumps into your skin, it instantly cools, relieves tension, and improves circulation. It reminds me of when I used to use Icy Hot at cheerleading camp in high school–but way better. I prefer to use Workout Wonder after finishing a run when the soreness starts to settle in. When paired with foam rolling, it’s almost as good as getting a massage. Workout Wonder also pairs well with Mio’s Liquid Yoga bath soak.

37 Miles Run for Mental Health

This Week’s Plan of Attack

Monday – BFX Studio
Tuesday – Run 4-5 Miles
Wednesday – CYC Event
 – Flybarre
 – Rest Day
 – Wanderlust Festival
 – Run 10 Miles

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