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September Reflection — Let’s Pause for a Second

Over-booking leads to under-living.

September was the busiest month I’ve had since moving to New York over three years ago. My blog posts this month have included seven event recaps, four product features, two class reviews, etc. I thought NYFW at the beginning of September would be my busiest week of the month, but the past four weeks have been nonstop. I choose to be as busy as I am. I feel fortunate to have so many exciting opportunities. But I often talk about the importance of maintaining balance, and I didn’t achieve it this month. I think the lack of personal content on my blog is evidence of that.

Usually, I end the month with a Recap / Goals post, including a roundup of recent blog posts and some reflection. This month, I’m sticking to the reflection. I’m feeling mentally exhausted. I spent part of the weekend visiting friends in DC and am off from work today to take a breather. It’s become clear that with my busier schedule, important tasks like cooking, cleaning, and sleeping have been neglected. Today, I’ll be looking at my calendar and making sure to leave breathing room in the next three weeks leading up to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I think the last portion of my training will benefit from a calmer and more consistent schedule.

Yes, I published my 200th blog post on Friday. Yes, I’ve made some big plans for the coming months. I’m excited to celebrate and to share the news on my blog. Until those more personal posts are published, I’ll be finding a manageable pace this week. As always, I appreciate everyone who’s sharing my fitness journey with me. Cheers to October, my favorite month of the year!

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  • Reply Grace at leangirlsclub

    I agree, we all need to maintain balance and schedule rest. It’s such a big part of being healthy. Always easier said than done in NYC.

    Looking forward to seeing all the good things to come!

    September 29, 2014 at 3:58 pm
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