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10 Times I’m Glad Secret is #NYTough

I love living in New York 95% of the time. The other 5% can be frustrating. When you live in one of the most densely-populated cities in the world and rely on public transportation, the smallest of tasks can sometimes feel like the biggest of challenges. But New Yorkers are known for being tough. The longer you live here, the more secrets you learn about how to simplify city life. One of my fitness secrets is Secret. The New York fitness scene often puts me in sweaty situations, and Secret Clinical Strength keeps me fresh while I laugh about them. Here are 10 times I’m glad Secret is #NYTough.

10 Times I'm Glad Secret is #NYTough10 Times I'm Glad Secret is #NYTough

When I’m caught sans umbrella in the rain pre-workout and have to run to the studio.
When I put a fake, five-minute meeting on my Outlook calendar to book a fitness class.
When I’m running in Central Park and happen to pass a coworker, ex-boyfriend, anyone.
When I’m having my form adjusted by one of my male trainers who’s also a fitness model.
When I’m so hot during a Flywheel ride that I take a layer off and hang it on my bike.
When my long run isn’t a loop, and I have to take a 20-minute subway ride back home.
When I’m sweating so much that I’m slipping on my mat in a crowded hot yoga class.
When my blind date suggests that we take a Barry’s Bootcamp class as our first meeting.
When I pop in to a crowded Duane Reade at the end of my long run to buy a drink.
When I’m climbing the stairs to my apartment post-workout and run into my neighbors.

10 Times I'm Glad Secret is #NYTough
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