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Rhythm-Based Workouts with Spring Moves

Rhythm-Based Workouts with Spring MovesAbout two weeks ago, Meaghan and I attended the Spring Moves launch party on the rooftop of Hotel Chantelle. Yes, this is me drinking wine and wearing a sweatband while on a treadmill in a wrap dress and boots. Spring Moves is a rhythm-based music service and exercise tracker. Inspired by the innately human response to move in sync with music, the brand new app’s musical curation taps into popular radio hits and underground classics in a unique new way.

Focusing on elements such as tempo (beats per minute), mood, and beat intensity, the app crafts rhythmically consistent workout soundtracks that take advantage of scientifically-backed principles. For example, a recent study showed that time to exhaustion was 18% longer in treadmill runners listening to synchronous music when compared to no music at all.

You can download the app for free in the iTunes Store. To use the app, specify your type of activity (running, swimming, biking, rowing, interval training, walking or other) and do a 30-second rhythm analysis to set the ideal cadence for your workout. You can then choose genres of music or artists you’d like to sweat to from a preselected list and easily skip songs mid-workout. The app then tracks your every move, allowing you to view all past workouts and change the tempo of the music to match your pace.

Rhythm-Based Workouts with Spring MovesSpring Moves allows athletes to connect on the app and for group runs. The app features a social support element called Spring Crews in which you can create small support groups with friends and family to share statistics and to support each other via text. SpringMoves has also been hosting real-world Spring Social events since March 2013. Starting out with a few enthusiasts who enjoyed running in groups with the added benefit of music playing, the events feature a group of users following a pacesetter bicycle with speakers playing music. With major chapters around the world in London, Stockholm, New York City, Paris, and Copenhagen, Spring Social is actively sharing the benefits of rhythm-based movement.

While it’s taper week for me, I’m looking forward to downloading the app when I return from San Francisco. I’m especially excited to try its interval feature, which allows you to alternate between songs of different tempos during your run. A fun way to work on my speed before my next race.

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