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SUP Flow Yoga at Pure Yoga -- Jimmy Burgio

SUP Flow at Pure Yoga — Jimmy Burgio

SUP Flow Yoga at Pure Yoga -- Jimmy Burgio

I’ve been meaning to visit Pure Yoga, Equinox’s luxe yoga studio, for quite some time and was excited to be invited to a SUP Flow class last weekend. I visited Pure Yoga West, which is on the same corner as Equinox and a SoulCycle studio. Pure Yoga, located below street level, is the largest non-traditional gym I’ve ever seen. It’s a retreat from city life, decorated in wood, stucco, and jewel-tone colors. I was immediately welcomed by a receptionist and given a tour of the facility.

SUP Flow Yoga at Pure Yoga -- Jimmy Burgio

Pure Yoga offers four or five studio spaces, with multiple classes in session at one time. Class types include yoga, barre (Figure 4), and conditioning. Some classes are reserved for Pure Yoga members, while others are also open to non-members. The SUP Flow class started as a summer workshop and is now permanently on the Pure Yoga schedule. SUP Flow is inspired by Stand Up Paddleboarding yoga and offers a unique opportunity to expand your practice using an Indo Board on dry land.

SUP Flow Yoga at Pure Yoga -- Jimmy Burgio SUP Flow Yoga at Pure Yoga -- Jimmy Burgio

The afternoon class only had one other person in it, so I had a semi-private SUP Yoga experience with Jimmy Burgio. The Indo Board is made entirely of wood and features three small rockers on the bottom, which give the unstable feeling of being on water. Unlike real Stand Up Paddleboarding, the Indo Board lets you practice SUP Flow no matter where you are or what the weather is like. Jimmy started by sharing safety tips and helping us adjust to the instability in a seated position. We slowly stood on our boards and started a flow sequence. The key to finding balance on an Indo Board is to center your weight, which means pressing down into one side of the body if the opposite side is lifted. I quickly got the hang of using the board, but then Jimmy made the flow twice as difficult.

The second time we completed the flow, we placed two cushions underneath the board. These puffy disks made the Indo Board much more unstable. Any pose with one leg lifted off the ground made me tip over sideways and fight to regain balance. Jimmy offered encouraging words and modifications. He reminded us to laugh at our mistakes, rather than become frustrated by the new experience. By the time we took savasana with our arms stretched along the floor, I was dripping in sweat. The class only included two long flow sequences, but it was a challenging workout. The Indo Board really takes basic yoga poses to the next level.
All images via Pure Yoga

After class, I enjoyed showering and getting ready to watch football with friends in Pure Yoga’s spa-like locker room. It’s spacious and offers all the toiletries needed to clean up after class. I hope to return to Pure Yoga to take one of their yoga for runners classes. I’ll be needing it over the next few months!

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