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BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram

BFX Studio — Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram

BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram

I’ve visited BFX Studio multiple times since it opened its first location in early summer and am excited to finally share my experience. BFX Studio offers a complete multi-discipline, cross-training approach to fitness. They’ve taken boutique fitness classes and housed them inside a luxurious traditional gym space. While BFX does offer personal training, I’ve taken a variety of its Master Classes in recent months. BFX offers Barre, Pilates, Spin, Burn, and Build. This post focuses on Burn, Build, and Spin.

BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram

I’ve taken both Burn and Build multiple times with Amanda Butler, who happens to be a favorite instructor of mine. (I’ve reviewed her in the past.) Both classes are a combination of TRX, kettlebells, and UGI balls. They’re a dynamic, full-body workout that will build lean muscle, develop your core, and improve your strength. Burn is broken down into 8-10 different exercise segments. Some segments are simply a series of movements, while others are performed as Tabata, AMRAP, or EMOM. This class moves quickly and combines strength and cardio. Build focuses more exclusively on strength but still keeps your heart rate up. These classes are also broken down into segments of different exercises but tend to use more props. The goal is to move slower and lift heavier. Both class types have been great cross-training options during marathon training. Amanda won’t let you slack off but has the kind of positive energy that keeps you motivated. She’s a stickler for form but does a great job moving around the room to offer hands-on corrections.

BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram

Spin classes, called Ride Republic at BFX, can be taken individually or in a Fusion with one of the Master Classes (30 minutes Ride/30 minutes Master). I recently took a Fusion class with Eli Ingram. The spin classes are held in a stadium-style studio with custom white bikes and video screens at the front. It’s important to note that you can’t rent shoes at BFX. Bring your own or use the baskets with your tennis shoes. From my single experience, the Ride Republic classes are very different from a style you might have taken at another studio in New York. There isn’t much choreography, and you aren’t encouraged to ride to the beat. Classes focus on a series of hills and sprints with heavier resistance. There were also portions of the class when we were free to ride as we pleased. The video screens show colorful designs that match the mood of the music but can also display a leader board of metrics that are tied to each bike.

BFX will soon be opening studios in the Financial District in Manhattan and in Back Bay in Boston. You can purchase classes individually, as a series, or as an unlimited package.

BFX Studio -- Amanda Butler & Eli Ingram
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