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Stop Shaming the Fun Out of Thanksgiving – The Fit Crasher

Stop Shaming the Fun Out of Thanksgiving - The Fit Crasher
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My fitness blogger friends and I were recently talking about how health and wellness media shame people out of holiday eating. Meaghan, The Fit Crasher, wrote a post that perfectly shares my frustration with this topic. Here’s an excerpt:

But focusing on Thanksgiving as a time for fear and body shame is wrong. So I beg you fitness community, stop feeding the content beast. Stop making people second-guess themselves at the dinner table, wondering if what they put on their plate will *gasp* make them blow up like a big fat balloon the next day. Stop making people feel like eating is “sinning,” for which the only atonement is hours-upon-hours of obsessively trying to over-correct at the gym. I beg you, stop it and move on to a topic that uplifts instead of squashes. That makes people feel positive about their bodies and their choices, instead of shaming them into the fat corner…

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    Couldn’t agree more!

    November 26, 2014 at 5:12 pm
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