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Marathon Monday: 5 Weeks Till Disney World

Marathon Monday: 5 Weeks Till Disney World

Marathon Monday: 5 Weeks Till Disney WorldImage via Bobble & Gary He

When I wrote my Marathon Monday post two weeks ago, I was coming off two of my most difficult runs ever. After talking with Coach Jess about underestimating the difficulty of shorter runs, I moved forward. As a runner, you’re not defined by a few poor performances. In the last two weeks, I’ve run 18- and 20-mile long runs. Yesterday’s 20-mile run was a big deal for me. Next to race day, I think it’s the biggest mental milestone I’ll reach during training. I can remember running 10 miles for the first time in the spring and thinking I could never run double that distance. Yesterday, I did.

While I haven’t gotten injured during training, I have experienced some aches and strains. Last week, it was my left hip flexor. To help my muscles recover, I’ve turned to restorative yoga classes. Yoga has never been my fitness focus, but I appreciate the gentle stretching and calmness in yoga classes. The photo above was taken during an outdoor yoga class at Wanderlust 108 in September with bobble. This brings me to another important element to marathon training–staying hydrated. My favorite way to do that, included on my stocking stuffer list, is by drinking out of a bobble sport filtering bottle.

Marathon Monday: 5 Weeks Till Disney World
The bobble sport was redesigned this fall to include a molded-in grip feature and a sleeker body to fit into cup holders. I use my bobble both at boutique classes (like above at Uplift) and at my desk at work. I almost never buy bottled water. New York has great-tasting tap water, and I can filter it through my bobble to make it taste even better. The dishwasher-safe bottle holds 22 oz of water and comes in seven colors (gray, blue, magenta, lavender, red, sky blue, and green). Purchase a bobble of your own for $11.99 at Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon. You can also buy online and get 20% off with code GIVEFUN. How do you stay hydrated in the winter?

This Week’s Plan of Attack

Monday – Exhale Yoga + Run 2 miles
Tuesday – Rest Day
Wednesday – Drill Fitness
 – Run hill repeats
 – Run 6 miles + Strides
 – Cross training TBD
 – Run 10-15 miles

NOTE: Bobble sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

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