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#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk
Photography by John Herr

I’m often asked about my favorite part of blogging, which is an easy question to answer. It’s all about the people I’ve met and collaborated with–other bloggers, studio owners, fitness instructors, industry experts, etc. It’s a community filled with passionate, positive people. Thanks to Gurney’s Montauk, I spent last weekend in The Hamptons with Grace, Chase, and Christine. We took classes with Exhale, juiced with Montauk Juice Factory, shot these photos with Christine’s husband, and indulged in amazing (mostly healthy) meals.

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

FRIDAY — On Friday afternoon, the group met near Grand Central to take the Jitney out to Montauk, the last stop on the island. I spent the three-hour trip looking at small towns and gorgeous houses pass by. After arriving in Montauk and taking a shuttle to Gurney’s, we were greeted with champagne and ocean views from our individual rooms. The four of us quickly changed into workout gear and headed to Core Fusion Barre, our first Exhale class with Exhale’s EVP of Mind Body Programming Elisabeth Halfpapp. Elisabeth taught all four of our classes over the weekend. While she pushes for correct form and full effort, Elisabeth is incredibly sweet. During this class, we pulsed and plied at the barre and on the floor until our legs burned. After Workout #1, we met a larger group at the Barre to Bar Cocktail Hour for drinks and then enjoyed a full dinner. There was a healthy menu created for the weekend, but I couldn’t help swapping in a bowl of chowder. When in The Hamptons, right?

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk #WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

SATURDAY — The group met for a breakfast buffet early the next morning before taking a Core Fusion Yoga class with Elisabeth in a room overlooking the ocean. As the name suggests, the class incorporates more core work (in poses and using other exercises) than a traditional yoga class. After yoga, I stopped at Gurney’s Seawater Spa for a Sport Pedicure. Confession: I have not had a pedicure since running my marathon. Let’s just say that my feet were in desperate need of some TLC. After visiting the spa, I joined the group for a Juicing 101 Workshop with Montauk Juice Factory. The MJF team cleared up a lot of misconceptions about juicing and talked about the differences between juices/smoothies, raw/HPP, etc. MJF delivers to Manhattan on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I’ll be ordering a few bottles soon. Once we finished sampling juice, Elisabeth led a Core Fusion Bootcamp class before dinner. The class combines strength, barre, and yoga movements with light weights. It definitely worked up an appetite for dinner–wine, kale salad, fish, and chocolate cake. The group was exhausted after dinner and headed straight to bed.

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk #WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk #WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

SUNDAY — We took a Power Yoga class with Elisabeth on our last morning in Montauk. The deep stretches and slow movements felt great after an active weekend. Once our final workout was finished, the group headed to the beach for a full photo shoot. It was freezing outside. We worked quickly to get these beautiful shots, so we could head back inside to shower and pack for checkout. It was amazing to get away from the city and to visit Montauk for the first time. Huge thank you to Gurney’s for hosting all of us for the weekend. Until next time!

#WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk #WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk #WeekendInYogaPants at Gurneys Montauk

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