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30-Day Meditation Challenge Check-In

30-Day Meditation Challenge Check-In
Image via Lolë Women

I joined Lolë Women in the 30-Day Meditation Challenge by Tuja Wellness at the beginning of the month. While I’ve heard that meditation lowers stress, improves sleep, sharpens focus, and controls blood pressure, I decided to give it a try. The free online meditation videos started at 5 minutes during the first week and increased to 10 minutes during the second week. So, how am I doing?

During the first week of the Challenge, I decided to meditate for 5 minutes before bedtime each night. It was a great opportunity to turn off my laptop and iPhone, make myself comfortable, and ease into a relaxed state. It was especially nice to meditate after having returned from an evening yoga class. One night, I attended a yoga and meditation session at the Lolë store. While we meditated in the store, I was shocked at how quiet the streets of Soho become at night. It was as though I was meditating in my own bedroom. Lolë is hosting a series of free classes every Tuesday this month.

The Challenge became more difficult when I traveled to Montauk. While I didn’t anticipate having a tough time fitting 10-minute sessions into my schedule, the packed days at the beach left me exhausted before bedtime. I even fell asleep during one meditation. When I returned to Manhattan, I continued to meditate in the evening until late last week. I’ll be honest and admit that I missed two days of meditation. Again, I waited until bedtime to meditate and felt too tired to complete the session. This is a major lesson learned. Unless it’s a short session, I’m better off meditating when I wake up in the morning. As I enter a week of 15-minute sessions, I plan to try this approach. I’ll be traveling to Denver this weekend and am hoping I can keep up my practice while traveling. Check back at the beginning of March for my post-Challenge reflection.

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    […] Meditation Challenge by Tuja Wellness that I completed with Lolë Women. If you read my mid-month update, you know that I had difficulty meditating while in Montauk and meditating in the late evening […]

    March 2, 2015 at 7:01 am
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