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30-Day Meditation Challenge Reflection

30-Day Meditation Challenge Reflection
Images via Bobble & Gary He

The above photo was taken at last fall’s Wanderlust Festival in Prospect Park. I’ve been meditating indoors over the last two weeks, but a girl can dream of sunshine and fresh air. This week marks the end of the 30-Day Meditation Challenge by Tuja Wellness that I completed with Lolë Women. If you read my mid-month update, you know that I had difficulty meditating while in Montauk and meditating in the late evening at home. I knew it would also be a challenge to maintain my routine when I traveled to Denver last weekend.

On the Monday before I left for Denver, meditation sessions increased to 20 minutes in length. I decided to try meditating first thing in the morning, so I would not be tempted to fall asleep while meditating later in the day. This change worked well for me. When I left for Denver on Friday, I decided that I would take the Challenge day by day to see whether there was time to meditate. This was the best approach for the trip, as I was not making all of the plans for the group. I ended up skipping twice and meditating twice while in Denver. During the final days of the Challenge, I have been successful at completing the 25 and 30-minute sessions.

I’m really glad I chose to participate in the Challenge. While I’m not sure that I’d be ready to meditate on my own for longer than 15 minutes, using the guided recordings helped me see the instant benefits of meditation. If I felt stressed or anxious before my meditation, I trusted that I would feel relaxed and focused afterward. Moving forward, I’d like to continue completing a few shorter meditation sessions per week. I’ll also look for yoga classes that incorporate meditation. Thank you Tuja Wellness and Lolë Women for inviting me to participate!

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