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Featured: A.Day Wander Guide with The Fit Crasher

Featured: ADAY Wander Guide with The Fit Crasher

Featured: A.Day Wander Guide with The Fit Crasher

Today, I’m featured on ADAY’s Wander Guide with my best blogging buddy, Fit Crasher Meaghan. ADAY is a UK-based activewear line that’s launching this spring. Meaghan and I have watched the company grow over the last six months and are excited for their collection that will take you from studio to street. In the Wander Guide, Meaghan and I are talking about how we balance blogging with working full-time jobs. I may expand this idea into a full series on my own blog. Until then, here’s one of my featured quotes:

“People ask [how I fit this all in] almost daily, and that’s not the mindset you need to have. It’s about creating time. I have a written planner—I’m a very digital person but I do a written planner—and when I have a workout that needs to happen because I’ve committed to a race, it goes in as an appointment, and doesn’t get moved. It’s not optional. I have days, of course, where I wake up and I don’t feel like working out, but I have to remind myself that I signed up for it and I gotta go do it, so there is no magic to it. There’s times when I can’t go out the night before, or I can’t do the fun thing with friends, or I get one hour less of sleep, but if you really enjoy all the different things you’re doing, you create a puzzle that fits the other and you can do it all. But it is not easy.”

Featured: A.Day Wander Guide with The Fit Crasher

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