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On My Radar + Another Destination Race

On My Radar + Another Destination Race

Today, I have two new-to-me products and a special announcement to share. Have a great week!

On My RadarGuilt-Free Chocolate — I’ve known about Justin’s nut butters and full-size peanut butter cups for some time. Their nut butters come in delicious flavors like Maple Almond, Honey Peanut, and Chocolate Hazelnut. However, I recently tried the Justin’s mini peanut butter cups and am hooked. They come in milk and dark chocolate and are just over 200 calories for three cups. A healthier alternative for chocolate lovers. Order online for Easter!

Innovative Equipment — Recently, I also had the opportunity to try a DISQ workout. DISQ is a mobile fitness device designed with a system of stirrups, handles, and pulleys to be used for both cardio and strength training. DISQ was created by Robbert Boekema, former Dutch national speed skater, to give people the freedom to take resistance training anywhere. DISQ offers online workouts and in-person workouts. Crunch has a Transformer with DISQ class in New York. You can read Grace’s review here.

On My Radar

Image via DISQ

Destination Race — I hinted at a possible trip to Toronto in my recent 10 Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Race post. Well, it’s happening! I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Toronto 15K on June 14. I visited Toronto a few times when I was younger but am excited to go back and explore. It’s possible that a friend from New York will be coming with me, but I may be making a solo trip. Either way, I’m racing in Canada twice this summer! Any recommendations for fall?

On My Radar + Another Destination Race

Image via Nike Women

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