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Half Marathon Monday: 10 Weeks Till Pittsburgh

Half Marathon Monday: 4 Weeks Till Pittsburgh

Half Marathon Monday: 4 Weeks Till Pittsburgh

My third half marathon is officially in less than one month. Whether it’s because I’m now a 13.1 veteran or because I’ve most recently run 26.2, I’m not stressed about the approaching race. I can’t wait to visit my hometown, see high school friends, and run those bridges with my mom. I talked to her on the phone today about how her training with Coach Jess is going. She ran 8 miles on Saturday and will run her first 9-miler this weekend when she visits me in New York! We plan to do her full distance together, then I’ll have two additional miles to run.

Half Marathon Monday: 4 Weeks Till Pittsburgh

The past two weeks of running have been pretty pleasant. No major aches or pains. Temperature is warming up. Pace is getting faster. I’ve been leaving my GPS watch and phone at home for Saturday long runs, which has been a great stress reliever. Jess believes in running based on feel (i.e. run at a Level 4 or run at a Level 8) rather than at a strict pace, which I prefer. Some days you can run at your race pace. Some days it’s just good enough to get out there and mentally get through the miles. However, I still run with my watch during the week to do speed workouts. My current favorite workout is 6x400m with 400m recovery between each interval, plus a mile on either end. It’s fast. It’s challenging. And it feels great to really shake out your legs.

This Week’s Plan of Attack

Monday – Yoga at Home
Tuesday – Class with Rebecca Kennedy
Wednesday – Run 4 Miles + Strides
 – Run Cat Hill Repeats
 – Rest Day
 – Run 11 Miles
 – Yoga Class TBD

Photography by Nick A. Urteaga

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    Glad you’re enjoying the training! My half is in a month and I’m excited to focus these next 4 weeks and stick exactly to the plan! I agree with you re: feel. It’s SO hard to train your mind.

    April 7, 2015 at 6:52 am
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