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Life Updates & New Favorites

Life Updates & New Favorites

Photography by Nick A. Urteaga

I’m calling myself out on the fact that blog content has slowed in April. I don’t like to complain about being busy, since it’s my choice to blog, work full time, and train for races, while still trying to have a life. Most of the time, I can effectively juggle everything. However, because of some transitions with my career, it’s been more difficult this month. A weekend relaxing with Mom has left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week. Time to stop fixating on things I can’t change and to continue enjoying this spring weather. I promise to share longer posts later this week. For now six mini life updates and new favorites:

Becoming a Women’s Health Action Hero — While I announced it on Instagram, I forgot to share that I’ve been selected as a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero. This means that over the next year, I’ll be sharing new products and wellness trends on behalf of WH. I’ll also be helping to lead the charge for the fight against domestic hunger with RUN 10 FEED 10. Can’t wait to get started!

Planning for summer travel — As you know, I’m running the Nike Women’s Toronto 15K in June and the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August. I’ll likely be adding weekend trips to Charlotte and DC this summer, but I’m hoping to add a longer trip in July for my 27th birthday. I’m torn between visiting a new US city or heading somewhere tropical. Recommendations, please!

Vowing to remember sunscreen — This isn’t a life update, but an important reminder. While it was only 65 degrees yesterday, I forgot to wear sunscreen on my run. My forehead burned. I’m a redhead with fair skin and a family history of melanoma. Everyone should wear sunscreen, especially in warm months. But as an outdoor athlete, it’s especially important. More on skin protection to come.

New favorite yoga class — I can’t get enough of Isaac Pena’s yoga classes at Exhale. He has a dry sense of humor and a way of pushing you to challenge yourself. Since taking his classes, I’ve increased my flexibility and released some of the tightness in my hips from running.

New favorite pizza joint — I’ve been to Pizza Beach Club three times since it opened a few months ago. It’s the Upper East Side’s newest pizza restaurant, with a focus on market-driven ingredients, simply prepared. Thanks for telling the entire world about it, Well + Good! And now I have, too.

New favorite activewear trend — I’ve been eying the jumpsuit trend for a few months now but knew it wasn’t entirely practical. Then I tried on Athleta’s Crossback Romper over the weekend and had to have it. I’m obsessed. Can’t wait to wear it for an upcoming shoot. And all summer.

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  • Reply Ash Bear

    Hope things calm down soon! A weekend away can always help especially when it’s with someone like your Mom!

    A tropical vacation is great if you need rest. If you want a longer trip and to experience new places, then a US city like Austin or Seattle could be perfect!!

    April 13, 2015 at 7:33 am
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