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Traditional Gyms vs. Boutique Fitness, & Other Options

Traditional Gyms vs. Boutique Fitness, & Other Options

Traditional Gyms vs. Boutique Fitness, & Other Options

When it comes to fitness, I identify as a runner. I specifically prefer to run outdoors. However, I don’t run every day and sometimes take a week or two off after a race.  On those days, I need other workout options. Today’s post will detail my favorite options, ranging from free to paid and in-person to digital. I’m also hosting a giveaway on Instagram later today, so check it out!

Traditional Gyms vs. Boutique Fitness, & Other OptionsTraditional GymBlink Fitness — Traditional gyms in New York can be extremely expensive. While the cost might be worth it for people who frequently take advantage of the luxe amenities, I don’t feel the need for extras. When I’m at a traditional gym, I need a treadmill, weights, and a shower. At as low as $15 per month, Blink is a perfect option for me. I belonged to the gym for about a year before taking time off during marathon training. Recently, the team offered me a free 6-month membership.

Blink has over 40 locations in the New York area, many of which are located in convenient, high-traffic areas of the city. They hope to open 300 locations nationwide by 2020. While the gym doesn’t offer classes, Blink does offer personal training (just as great as pricier gyms), a wide range of equipment, and spacious locker rooms. I prefer to visit Blink when the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor run or when I want to do a strength workout outside of a fitness class. Blink is giving one of my readers the chance to win a one-year membership and swag. Enter later today on Instagram!

Boutique FitnessClassPass — Because Blink doesn’t offer classes, I choose to pay $100 per month for boutique fitness classes through ClassPass (past review here). This membership allows me to take unlimited classes per month at countless studios around the city. You can visit studios up to three times per month. Some of my current favorites include Exhale or Y7 for yoga and Uplift or Fhitting Room for strength. I enjoy boutique fitness because class sizes are small and facilities are gorgeous. ClassPass makes taking multiple classes per week affordable. I prefer to visit boutique fitness classes on weekday mornings.

Traditional Gyms vs. Boutique Fitness, & Other OptionsAt-Home WorkoutNike Training Club App — I most often work out at Blink, in a fitness class, or by running outside. However, it’s always convenient to have a quality workout on hand. For example, I was waiting for my cable and wi-fi to be set up last Friday before heading to the beach and couldn’t leave home for four hours. Rather than sit around wasting time, I completed a yoga workout on Nike’s app (past review here). The app allows you to choose workouts by difficulty, length, and muscle group. The instructors, including celebrity trainers and athletes, make it easy to follow along using both audio and video cues. These workouts can be taken anywhere and need little equipment.

Constantly switching up my workouts prevents me from getting bored and keeps my body guessing. I aim to run three times per week (two short/one long), strength train twice, practice yoga once, and rest once. What are your current favorite workout options?

Photos via Blink Fitness & Nike

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